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Involuntary upgrade. complaint

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Today, on launching v7 for Mac, I discovered that it had been automatically updated to V10.


V7 was critical to my work as it allowed me to refer to local files.

Despite many kind responses, nobody has shown me how to get v10 to do that.


My workflow will suffer



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1 hour ago, agsteele said:

If you installed v10 recently it typically disabled the Legacy software. You can reinstall v7 and it should work as before.

I installed v10 a long time ago, and it didn;t disable the Legacy software. I used both in parallel and they were happy.

But about 6 weeks ago v7 stopped synching, and now it's transmogrified into v10.

Where can I download v7 ( for mac?)



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@PinkElephant after v10 update I was never without v7 for the reasons I have previously posted ad nauseam.

I have since learnt that the update I got on the AppStore is significantly ( for my purposes) different to the natural in-app update.

Two hurdles:

1. I incorrectly asked, repeatedly about opening local files in-app, when I really meant 'revealing in Finder'

2. The appStore version wouldn;t get me 'reveal in finder'

All sorted now, thanks for riding shotgun on this 🙂



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Actually the software from the AppStore is the same as from the website. It is MacOS that treats it differently on execution: The AppStore version is not allowed to access resources that the independently installed will.

I have discovery this in 2019, way back with legacy, in a similar way when weird problems couldn’t be reproduced by other users. I have used the direct download ever since.

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