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Why is Norton flagging Evernote v.10 as "End-of-life"?

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The My Norton 360 Security Software Updater module describes Evernote v10.59.5 as "End-of-life" and suggests uninstalling it!

Is this confusing it with v.6? If so, Evernote needs to address this issue with them!


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On 7/30/2023 at 12:49 PM, CarefulCat said:

Is this confusing it with v.6? If so, Evernote needs to address this issue with them!

Thanks for the headsup.  As a Norton user you can also feed back to them direct...

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First of all I would rather burn my computer than allow Norton to run on it. Just my opinion, probably heavily biased by older experience with that snake oil vendor. If you ever try to uninstall that *****, you will understand. Actually the Windows Defender is all you need. Good luck ! 

The flagging has to do with the old version 10.57 installed vs. the newer 10.59 available. Norton won’t know that probably at the moment it’s better to stick with 10.57 for a little longer.

The decision whom to flag is entirely that of the Norton team. Probably they run some algorithm in the background, that tries to find older software. I doubt this is a curated, supervised list. Don’t think EN can do much about it.

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These "security" apps just try to make themselves important, by offering services nobody really needs and nobody really wants. But they have to show somehow that they are important - which in fact they are not.

If they would be worth a nickel, we would not have a ransomware stampede causing billions of bucks in damages every year. Add to this the billions of bucks these "security" companies charge for doing nothing against real persistent threats like the modern malware families. These expenses are just money burned.

Uninstall Norton (have fun doing so, as mentioned ...), switch over to the Windows Defender, and you have the same protection, but minus the hazzle and minus the expense. Or switch over to a better designed system like macOS. Windows with its millions of lines of code, backward compatibility dogma and Microsoft as security godfather (they just had a master key stolen from their corporate vault, opening practically all customer accounts in their cloud services for hackers) is just a can of worms.

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