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Searching in Evernote

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I find that it is somewhat difficult to search for certain notes. In particular, I'd like to be able to find notes that contain a particular word (or, ideally, multiple words) in the TITLE of the note. As is, it appears that the search function captures all notes that contain the word/words anywhere (i.e., title or body) in the note. If searching on a relatively common word (e.g., “outlook”) I get an enormous number of search results. Being able to only see those where “outlook” is in the title would be a HUGE improvement.  Is there a way to do this that I’m unaware of?
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Hi.  Short answer:  intitle:outlook

If you have spaces in your key phrase,  use quotes to connect the words intitle:"like this"

Remember that Evernote only has access to the start of strings,  so intitle:break will find "lunch break" but not lunchbreak

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6 hours ago, Dave Green said:

You may also find ⌘+J (Mac) or Ctrl+Q (Windows) to help with searches just in title. 

Well, shoot - is that what "switch to..." does. <sigh>  Thanks!

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