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Goodbye Evernote

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I've been a happy user of Evernote for over a decade to take meeting notes and keep track of my daily tasks. But, my work laptop has been running slower and slower. One day I decided to figure out why. I opened up Task Manager and starting opening apps. As soon as I opened Evernote, my computer fan came on. It was using almost 1GB of memory! I usually have 2 or 3 windows open in Evernote for tasks and this takes it over 1GB. With Slack, Chrome, Word, Outlook, etc. open, nothing is using more than 500MB. Why the heck is Evernote using so much memory? When I have a conference call with video, I have to close Evernote or it will stutter the video. This has been a known issue with Evernote for some time and with each release, it hasn't been addressed.  So, I'm on to find something else lightweight for taking notes. Thanks for the past 10+ years!  Goodbye! 

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3 hours ago, qwepp said:

I've been a happy user of Evernote for over a decade

Hi.  That's an impressive history - if you are a subscriber you could contact Support to find out how to reduce the load on your laptop;  there's reinstalls / using the web version / not keeping your note database on the local drive...  But if you're going,  you're going - Good bye and good luck!

(PS we're mainly other users here,  so it'll be a while before anyone from Evernote gets to see this)

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The Electron framework is based on Chrome(ium), which in turn is not known for going easy on resources. Running it on a weak platform together with several other apps can be felt in overall performance.

If you know this, better open the web client, and use a browser that is lean, like Firefox.

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I'm moving on to OneNote, unfortunately, even though I've been with EN since 2019.  Too expensive for my use case. I do like the new features they are adding to the product though.  

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