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  1. Same issue. Evernote support said it's a bug they are working on. Workaround is to take pictures using the camera app, then adding them to a note.
  2. Having issues with the latest version 6.20 of the evernote outlook clipper. For one it takes much longer to launch after I click the button from within Outlook 365. Then when I try to save a note I get error: Failed to import note. import failed. MISSING_NOTE_CONTENT Running Windows 10, Outlook 365, Outlook Clipper v This does not happen on another PC with earlier clipper version 6.19 Anyone had this issue with outlook clipper?
  3. I have noticed a problem, anyone else? When I right-click on a note and select "copy internal link", and then go and paste it into another note...the 4 lines or so above where I pasted disappear. So at this point I cannot insert links to other notes because when i do, the content above the link placement is deleted.
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