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  1. Not many details provided other than more features, no increase in price. I hope this doesn’t mean they’re getting rid of Legacy.
  2. this is such a bunch of *****. cant believe they havent issued any type of updates or patches to fix these issues.
  3. I don’t know what’s going on with this app. Notes I create on my iPhone never sync to e cloud or my windows 10 desktop. I deleted several notebooks from my desktop, they are deleted from the web portal, but they remain on my iPhone. It’s like the sync is broken or something ? Anyone else having similar issue?
  4. I just tried using safari on my iphone (ios 14) and the URL was included. After clipping if I open EN and then open the note and look at details, I see the URL listed. Yours is empty?
  5. I received a very thorough reply from support today. They apologized for the extensive hold times on tickets and they were able to tell me the note name that was causing the sync errors. Very pleased with the response today !
  6. Well, it just started working. I looked at my ticket and they closed it as solved, although I never heard from anyone. Perhaps they found something on their end?
  7. I know, I appreciate that . Thanks for your help! I'm using web as a workaround. Just doesnt have the features I normally need so I'm a bit hampered. 1st world problems right
  8. web client works, IOS works, 3 windows 10 machines I've tried dont. Keep getting an error that it cant find a note with a specific GUID. However the web client blows
  9. I raised a ticket a week ago. Now I am in process of moving to evernote because i NEED to have access to my notes.
  10. Since evernote support is non-existent it seems, anyone know how to find the GUID of this note that is preventing my from syncing BOTH my windows 10 clients? IOS works fine. 15:16:35 [ERROR ] [604] [16360] 100% EDAMNotFoundException: id="Note.guid" key="ee419762-afd9-cb22-26ff-ce00ba1a2e70" 15:16:35 [INFO ] [604] [13528] Client synchronization finished, status: failed
  11. I’m having similar issue. Can’t get it to sync. Same GUiD not found message
  12. Im not upgrading windows if its going to look like this ios garbage. taking away features, i dont get it.
  13. The inability to sort search results by date modified is MADDENING!
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