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10.57.10 Update Broken on my Mac

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I just updated to 10.57.10, and now Evernote is unusable:

  • When I click on individual notes in the middle viewing pane, the note content in the right pane often is blank. Sometimes the note appears after a few minutes, and at other times notes remain blank for more than 10 minutes.
  • If I create a new note, I get an endless spinning wheel.
  • For some of my notes, the note title is truncated in the middle viewing pane.

I'm running a new Mac with Mac OS Ventura 13.4. Fortunately, 10.57.6 is working fine on my older MacBook. 

Is anyone else experiencing problems with 10.57.10?

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Thank you.

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Hi.  10.57.10 was intended to fix some of those issues,  since the formatting of notes changed recently to incorporate real time editing.  You should definitely report this to Support (we're mainly other users here) -  https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new for subscribers - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps (or the feedback option from most apps) for free users.

Check the web version (sign in via Evernote.com) to see whether your notes have synced to the server,  and if so you could uninstall Evernote, de-selecting keep my notes on this device / power it off and on / reinstall from Evernote.com to recreate both your installation and the local database as a clean install.  (The App Store download runs in a sandbox which may be contributing to your current issues.)

Beware that this will take some time,  depending on your database size and remove all your current data from the device - anything not already synced to the server - will be permanently lost.  It may be best to wait for a response from Support,  but this can take a few days if they're busy.


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I have logged into evernote.com and all my notes are synced (if I try to contact Support while logged in, it immediately logs me out).

How do I uninstall Evernote following the instructions provided: "uninstall Evernote, de-selecting keep my notes on this device / power it off and on / reinstall from Evernote.com to recreate both your installation and the local database as a clean install."

I'm running a new Mac Mini with Mac OS Ventura 13.4.

Thank you.

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I first uninstalled the App only by dragging to the trash, emptying the trash, and restarting. The problems persisted.

Then I uninstalled the Evernote App and all data (over 11,000 notes) using these instructions: 


Emptying the trash took a while. 

Then downloaded Evernote 10.57.10 from evernote.com. Amazingly, all ll 11,000+ notes were instantly available, and all my problems were fixed

I'm impressed how much faster Evernote is following this uninstall and reinstall. 

Thank you!!


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It looks as if everything is back - fact is that only the key note data is downloaded first. the attachments take a while, with 11.000 notes probably several days. So for offline use keep the app running in the background - it will download the attachments.

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I am having the same problems as Jason Goldsmith, I have been an EN user since 2011 and have had very few problems until now (result of takeover by Bending spoons?), definitely not at this level of flukiness.  I'll try to resolve like Jason did but this is a clear sign it's time to abandon ship before precious data is lost forever in cyberspace.  

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1 hour ago, Jason Goldsmith said:

I hope Bending Spoons is in emergency mode trying to fix this.

As far as I know the few commenters on this thread are pretty much the only users with issues,  and Evernote may not know there's anything for anyone to worry about unless everyone is firing off support requests.  I know @PinkElephant is on Mac,  and I'm on Windows,  and I don't believe either of us is having any kind of a major slowdown.

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