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Hi-I am using v. 10.56.8 on my 2020 M1 Mac. I am trying to get a PDF into my Evernote (I am a Premium user) that is 64 pages long. I want to see the whole document, all 64 pages. Not just the downloadable link. I have other PDFs that I have put into Evernote that have an option to View All Pages but not this one. Can someone please give me some guidance on how to do this? Under Settings—>Notes I have it set to view all but that isn’t what happens. So what’s up with that? Thanks!!! 

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I am not sure about this one, but it may be there is a limit on how many pages will show as a maximum.

If you want to know for sure, you probably need to contact support.

Or try this: Duplicate the note, to have 2 copies of the pdf.

Open the pdf in the first note from EN - it will open in MacOS Preview app. Make the thumbnails show, select and delete pages 33-64 from the pdf. Hit "File-Save" (cmd-S), then close the window. This will return the changed pdf to the note, holding the first half of the pages.

Open the second note, open the pdf in Preview, and now delete pages 1-32 from the pdf. Save & close.

Back in EN, select both notes and click on the merge notes-button in the popup menu. Make the note with pages 1-32 the first, 33-64 the second. You now have one note with 2 pdfs. Set both to "All pages view", and maybe remove the text that was inserted by merging between the 2 pdf windows. It should now show all pages, split into 2 pdf files.

If it is a "Per attachment" limit, this may work. If it is a "Per Note" limit, it won't.

Maybe you come back here and give us feedback if this workaround did the job.

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Oh, ok. I will try that. But if I have selected to show all pages in Settings, it shouldn’t be an issue. And it’s not just the 64 page document that is not showing all pages, it’s 2+ pages that are not showing all pages. I will get back to you… 

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Ok. I just wasted way too much time trying to get it to do what you outlined and the first part went just fine. But I couldn’t get the 2nd part to work (pages 33-64). No matter what I tried it didn’t work. My brain is fried. I don’t know why it worked so easily for the first 32 pages but not for the rest. I have to move on. I will contact support. I thank you so much, PinkElephant, for replying. I really do appreciate it. 

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16 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

I am not sure about this one, but it may be there is a limit on how many pages will show as a maximum.


Does not appear to be page number limit, I just attached a PDf with 147 pages all visible.

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