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PARA structure + mindjet mind maps - daily integration possible?

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I structured EN according to the PARA system (project, areas of focus, resources, archives).

At the same time, i work a lot with mindjet mindmanager and create mind maps. There are many references from EN to the my mind maps back and forth.

Does anybody use both intensely AND found a good way to connect both? I am curious how a workflow could look like.

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I copy an internal link, and paste it into the node, using the Link URL function. I use SimpleMind. It will open the linked note in the EN app.

Every link takes some effort. But anyhow, better create smaller notes that will take you directly to the topic than large ones where you need to scroll.

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As @PinkElephant,  I link to and from Evernote with a variety of third-party apps including Freeplane.  Evernote is my "library" for detail,  documents and reminders.  Mindmaps help me to remember and gather a lot of elements in a logical order.  I'm not an auto-mechanic,  but I can usually detail most of the parts of an internal combustion engine (forinstance) because pistons need valves,  and valves need springs... and so on.  Any element in my map that needs more background links back to Evernote.  I don't have a use case that needs frequent daily access though.

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Create a PARA structure on your mac file system similar to Evernote PARA structure and store the original mindmaps. Export mindmaps in pdf and make a new Evernote note for every mindmap. Connect notes with the PDF mindmaps with the other evernote notes using tags or links. Update the exported pdf mindmaps if the original change significantly.

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