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Cannot add event on Evernote Calendar

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Cannot add event Calendar directly in widget nor from the insert Calendar function in the Note (the insert Button) is not active.

Calendar works fine if event is inserted in Google Calendar.
However this is not the war it is supposée to be…


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Cannot add event Calendar directly in widget nor from the insert Calendar function in the Note (the insert Button) is not active.

Calendar works fine if event is inserted in Google Calendar.
However this is not the way it is supposed to be…



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Actually, this IS exactly what it is supposed to be. But possibly you would like more.

Links to Google calendar are one direction. You can view events and link notes within Evernote. 

If you want more submit a Feedback request in the Evernote app.

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If you are having trouble adding an event to your Evernote calendar, there could be several possible reasons why:

Your Evernote account may not be synced with your calendar: Make sure that your Evernote account is synced with your calendar app. Check your calendar settings to ensure that your Evernote calendar is selected and visible.

You may not have the necessary permissions: If you are using a shared calendar, you may not have the necessary permissions to add events. Check with the calendar owner or administrator to ensure that you have the necessary permissions.

You may be experiencing a technical issue: If you have checked your settings and permissions and are still unable to add events to your Evernote calendar, you may be experiencing a technical issue. Try logging out of your Evernote account and logging back in, or restarting your device.

Evernote Calendar may not be available in your region: Evernote Calendar may not be available in all regions. Check if Evernote Calendar is available in your region or try using a different calendar app.

If none of these solutions work, you may want to contact Evernote support for further assistance.

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Thanks oliverdavid!
The Google Calendar is connected.
I can create an event from the Google Calendar and it will appear on my Evernote Calendar - on the IOS devices faster than on the desktop (Mac). Afterwords i can add/connect a note to this event.

As i understood from agsteele this is the way it is supposed to work (one way)...
That means i will have to keep the google calendar open for new events...


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On 4/15/2023 at 8:38 AM, bswiss56 said:

Thanks for your reply.
Would be nice if we could add an event directly from Evernote Calendar.
That would mean a bi-directional work with Google calendar...

The easy workaround to insert an entry.  In EN Calendar Widget, scroll to the next item on your Calendar and click on the main part of the entry. Select Google Calendar at the bottom, cancel the pop-up for editing the entry, then add what you wish inserted in the Calendar.  Return to EN and shortly later your new entry appears in the widget

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8 hours ago, bswiss56 said:

Thx bmcl!
That is indeed a workaround - but only...
A proper direct integration would suit me much better...😊


I agree, but it is better than nothing. I actually use Outlook on my PC for Calendar, but Google on both my Tablet & Phone. I have a third-party App which keeps them in sync.

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I have installed and use Thunderbird 102 instead of Apple Calendar.
Everything works at one place.

So when a new event needed, i just intro it in the Thunderbird calendar (that supports Google Auth) - which is open for my email anyway.

Evernote calendar syncs - although not even so quickly... but with a moment of patience...☺️

No need to start a separate Browser with Google anymore!

May be this would be a good solution for other Mac Users...

Thx all for your help.


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If your setup works for you, fine. Nothing wrong with it, just to tell there are more options than to install yet another client.

You can sync any calendar with Google calendar. From there it syncs to EN.

You could sync your Apple calendar as well, as you could with Outlook, or any other calendar supporting a sync with Google. Just use the client you use anyhow, sync will run in the background.

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