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When loading evernote on my chromebook, it can't open.

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It may be you have exceeded your account limit of 2 devices. Each client counts as a device, the web client counts as well a a device.

If you go to your account page, tab devices you can check.

If you are above 2, you need to unsync. Be aware there is a limit on unsyncs as well, of 2 per 30 days.

Before you unsync a device, open the client and log out of your account on that device!

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You can run Evernote on a Chromebook either using the Android app (for offline access) or access it through the browser:


Looks like Chromebook disk size can vary between 32 GB to 512 GB, so as long as your Evernote database size was smaller than the freely available space on whatever Chromebook you were using...

@BobaBolaOfficial Is that the Android app you are trying to use? How much free disk space do you have and do you know how big your Evernote database size is?

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