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I lost 6 month evernote data after replace laptop

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Hi there!

I'm a free evernote user. I replaced my laptop 1 month ago, and when I logged into evernote using the new laptop, I found that my 6 months of evernote data was not synced.

I had already formatted my previous laptop. 

I think my heavy data was not synced due to the 60MB upload limit for free users.

So I'd like to ask how to recover my previous 6 months of data.

If I sign up subscription, It would be recovered?


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If you have formatted your previous laptop, all data that was saved locally is crushed.

When your account did not sync due to excess volume under the Free account, the cloud server knows nothing about this unsynced data. There is no way to recover anything from there (different to synced content, where a note history is running for all accounts).

You can only try to recover your formatted local drive. This is sometimes possible, more so for data on a HDD, less for SSDs. Since most laptops have SSDs these days, formatting erases the content. Maybe a professional service (which will come quite expensive, probably the equivalent of 10 years of Personal subscription) has a chance to recover something. But I wouldn't count on it.

In short: Most likely everything you do not encounter on the EN cloud server was lost when you formatted your laptops SSD.

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@YoungHo So are *all* your notes missing now? I'd be surprised that nothing synced.

Are you sure you signed in with the same account on your new laptop? It's pretty easy to accidentally create a new account and so it's possible that your old notes are waiting for you under your old account.

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I retain only one device for evernote and I logged in with same account on my new laptop. If exceeding data for free account is not synced with cloud, I think it means there is no way to recover my old data. 

Thank you for your kind help!

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Yes, Historically I used 4 devices but I retain just one device because of the free account limitation. I just lost 6 months data after 2022/july. I know the reason that I uploaded so much data since July. 

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