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Inactive 9 months now scansnap and drag drop not working

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Hello... Been an on and off user of Evernote for years. Recently attempted to begin using again for personal use after retiring about 9 months ago. I have a Scansnap that has worked flawlessly for many years scanning pages into notes. II updated to latest desktop version. However, now, no matter what profile i set to, scansnap always scans to my pictures folder in documents rather than directly into Evernote new note. Also. I cannot drag and drop pdf files onto the top of a new note. I get a circle with a line when I attempt to drop any file type onto a new note. 

Never mind!!!! Updated Scansnap software and all good. Cheers!

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Good you could solve it yourself.

Hint: Try the import folder function to move scanned content into EN. You can give the scanned file a sound file name. It will become the notes title in EN after import. This saves me rework in the app. Furthermore I get my OCR done before importing into EN. This means the file will have its text layer everywhere - OCR made by EN only works inside of EN, and doesn't add a text layer. 

Set up an import folder in EN settings, and use the "Scan to folder" option.

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