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  1. Did some searching here and did not find answer to this question. My understanding is that the pdf OCR EN uses to store docs on their servers is proprietary. If in the future I download a doc back into my PC from my notes the EN OCR is stripped making the pdf doc unsearchable. Question: if I first run the doc through SnapScan Organizer, which places OCR with the pdf doc, does that OCR “stay” with the doc through its journey to the EN servers AND back down in the future or do the EN servers remove the Snapscan ABBYYY pdf OCR and replace it with theirs? Thanks for any insight here.
  2. Followup... Having requested a refund,as after two weeks of messaging with a tech who kept asking me to do the same thing over and over and clearly not reading what I posted back to him, they found someone at EN who could actually assist with my issue after I demanded a refund. Turns out the registry editor in Win10 simply will not work. It's a known issue. I upgraded to the latest Anniversay version of Win10, but still doing a registgry search through ctrl-f crashes regedit. The much more sharper knife in the drawer technician sent me a ticket message after I insisted on a refund and sta
  3. December 30th I purchased a premium subscription to EN. Attempting to install I received the bootstrap cpp:956 OX643 error, “unable to find msi package”. After reading for HOURS through forum posts and not able to resolve, I opened a ticket. I sent in my %temp% file. A few days later support had me search my registry for certain strings, all of which pertain to previous installs. The temp file CLEARLY logs the fact the installer looked for the strings in the registry (denoting previous installs) and found none. The installer then fails. REPEATED dialog with support over this issue has th
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