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Web Classic Disconnected?

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Did they take Web Classic offline? Can no longer access it. Different account using the new web interface works fine, though. It's not a too many devices issue, or a browser issue, and it happens on multiple computers and looks like it's happening to multiple users, maybe since Friday. Pretty cruddy to do without notice.

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Hi.  What's Web Classic?  If you mean the old legacy version,  it's still chugging away for me on Android and Windows 10.  There were two versions of the online editor at some point,  but I gave up using the older version years ago.  There haven't been any options in the web version to switch between versions that I was aware of either.

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Tried this already ? This checkmark in Account settings, Personal settings controls which client is used in the web client. Turn it off for a classical view.

Hint: EN has warned that the old client may become unstable over time - the code is deprecated.


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