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Calendar link support for Proton Calendar



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I suggest you send this as a direct suggestion. However Proton will be way down the work list. Outlook 365 (in beta) and Apple are next. 

For now submit feedback in the app or open a support ticket.

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I am using Proton Calendar. I first exported the URL and imported it in Google Calendar.

I then connected Evernote with the Google Calendar and in doing so choose only a single calendar i.e. the Proton Calendar.

This way, you can create events in Proton Calendar. They would be synced to Google Calendar and then with Evernote.

You can then attach notes to these events in Evernote!

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This is possible with most calendars. Google calendar is very happy to take your calendar as input and link it further.

 I don’t use it because Goggle is likely very happy to get your data  as well.

It sort of contradicts the logic to use a safe calendar like Proton first, but then link it to a Google service.

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That's true. Using Proton Calendar and linking it to Google Calendar beats the purpose of having Proton Calendar in the first place.

I'm counting on the day when Justice league will rid us of Google Privacy issues.


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