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Invoice Evernote Premium 2022: $37.09. Invoice Premium 2023: $52.99, + 42%!

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I would appreciate it if Evernote could justify this enormous price increase. What company can impose such a rise to its customers? Along with the relentless reminders to upgrade,  this is a bad strategy to force us to get the Personal Plan. Evernote' s reputation is already bad, this is not helping. 

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I am on Personal, and it is raised as well.

Unhappy about what’s happening for sure - as I read it, EN wants to maintain the absolute distance between the actual and the grandfathered plans.

This means the relative raise in percent for the old, cheaper plans is steeper.

I think every user needs to evaluate what good the subscription does, and take a decision based on the outcome.

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Premium & Plus users have received an increase after many years at a fixed price. Evernote should, in my view, have increased prices incrementally year by year. There will not be any answer to justify this particular increase in these forums. You'll have to raise this with a billing ticket if you want an answer.

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