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  1. When you click on Tags to open the Tags page, only 15 characters are visible. This makes impossible to use this new web version, as I use composed tag names.
  2. When I use Evernote for web, I notice that the pdfs scanned with the ScanSnap are not showned correctly. See attached screenshot. Only half of it is visible. This happens only with the ScanSnap. Scann made with the phone are fine. Owners of this scanner, do you have the same problem?
  3. Thnak you Jefito. I have the latest version of Chrome on Windows 10 too. I think I have identified the origine of the problem. It comes when I scan with my scanner ScanSnap Fujitsi S1300!. When I download a pdf fronm the computer, it is clearly displayed and same when I scan with my Android Pixel 3. I need to find out if other users of ScanSnap Fujitsi S1300! experience the same problem.
  4. Thank you Gazumped. This is usulaly the response that I receive but I use Chrome and don't want to use another browser. I have this problem for more than one year and it is not fixed yet. I use the latest version of Chrome on a Windows computer. I will contact the support.
  5. Hi, Please, see the attached screenshot. The pdf is displayed only on a small window, no way to see it in its entirety. Also, the download button is not there. Is there a solution for this? Thank you
  6. Hi, Just to let you know that my pdfs are back. I don't know why they disapeared, but I can see them and download them now. Thank you for your help.
  7. First screenshot shows the pdf but not the second after opening the note.
  8. Hi, I can see that the pdf is present when I look at the desktop view but when I open the note, the pdf is not there. Do youn have an idea on how to retrieve them?
  9. THank you PinkElephant. I noticed that the problem is not there with the new EN Web beta. Ufortunately, I don't use this beta because the tags are not displayed entirely.
  10. Yes, this is what I use. I can use the EN client on Windows but sometimes, I prefer the web page. This problem is recent. I noticed that only a few months ago, not sure why the display of the pdf has changed.
  11. Windows 10 with Chrome Please, see screenshot attached. Sometimes, my pdfs are displayed on all the screen, sometimes, like on this screenshot I can see only a part of it. Is there a way to fix this?
  12. Do you recommend us to change our Evernote password after this security breach?
  13. I am very sorry, I use the web client but see that it is possible with Windows. Thank you Gazumped!
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