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  1. My invoice for 2020-2021 was $34.99 for a Plus Annual plan. Will I be able to keep this plan or is Evernote forcing me to swallow the Personal Plan that is twice the price of my actual plan?
  2. It works when I send directly to my Evernote email address. Thank you for your help!
  3. Thank you agsteele My process is the following: I take a screenshot on my cell phone, then send it by email to my computer. I just tried to drag and drop a png and it works. I think the problem is for png files that were there before the new version.
  4. Hi all, The screenshots with format .png are not displayed correctly on my Windows computer and on the web version of Evernote ( see attached). Is there a solution for that?
  5. Security in Notion would be a problem for me. There is no 2-step identification.
  6. The screenshot that I posted on my first message shows the left panel extended at its maximum. I can improve the view by zooming out but the fonts are now small.
  7. Hi, Tags with several words are not completely showing on the new Windows version. Please, see screenshot. I use tags made with several words, for instance: RealEstate-Marketing-Facebook. Only the left side of the tag is visible and the left panel cannot be extended so no way to see the full tag. I hope this problem will be solved soon.
  8. Hi, I will not install the legacy app to avoid any problems but will scan to a folder then import to EN. Not so quick but it will do the trick until they fix the problem.
  9. Hi, When using my scanner Fujitsu ScanSnap 1300I with the new Evernote, I noticed the following: - if I scan when Evernote for Windows is not open, ScanSnap doesn't always open Evernote and the document is not scanned ( not sure where it is after that). - when I scan a document, the document creates a new Imported notebook instead of directing the document to the dedicated notebook that I created for that (Inbox by the way) Voilà
  10. Hi, The very useful option 'Send To Evernote" that use to appear when you do a right click on a file in your computer is not part of the new Evernote for Windows ( see screenshot). Do you know if this option will be back?
  11. When you click on Tags to open the Tags page, only 15 characters are visible. This makes impossible to use this new web version, as I use composed tag names.
  12. When I use Evernote for web, I notice that the pdfs scanned with the ScanSnap are not showned correctly. See attached screenshot. Only half of it is visible. This happens only with the ScanSnap. Scann made with the phone are fine. Owners of this scanner, do you have the same problem?
  13. Thnak you Jefito. I have the latest version of Chrome on Windows 10 too. I think I have identified the origine of the problem. It comes when I scan with my scanner ScanSnap Fujitsi S1300!. When I download a pdf fronm the computer, it is clearly displayed and same when I scan with my Android Pixel 3. I need to find out if other users of ScanSnap Fujitsi S1300! experience the same problem.
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