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Coloring Notebook Titles and Tags

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13 minutes ago, kshivner said:

I saw in a Youtube video that there were colored titles on notebooks like the inbox and colored tags. How can you do that? If this is a feature that was removed, PLEASE add it back.

That must have been an old video (check the date on it). Coloring was (and remains) a feature of the Legacy Evernote app on Windows (v. 6). I loved it, since it allowed for visual connection of the alphabetically listed notebooks to different projects or areas of activity. However, the color-coding remained only on the local device where it was created; it never synced to other devices, even other Windows computers. It disappeared in the new version, and I don't expect it back.  (We are other users here, not Evernote staff, and, sadly, have no power to add anything back.) FWIW, there have been several discussions of this previously, and one suggestion is to use an emoji at the beginning of the notebook title--see several posts in this thread:


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17 hours ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

Coloring was (and remains) a feature of the Legacy Evernote app on Windows (v. 6).

Oh that colouring option! - Sorry;  i thought we were talking coloured backgrounds like...


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