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  1. None of this works on current evernote on a macbook pro - they are really good at hiding the files
  2. Editing tags for one - if you are using your iPad as a replacement for laptop you need full support of all features in app on browser or at least on app on your mobile device
  3. How are you doing the web version of Evernote? I am using chrome on iPad 10.5 and it keeps telling me Evernote does not run on Web on an iPad. iPad is running version 11.4
  4. You can’t run Evernote web on an iPad wish products would take features away we use also you should have app work same in all environments
  5. I totally disagree that it is unbeatable. It is one of the top used and ifttt has a lot of snippets for it IQTell used to be the best as it was the most customizable task manager out there - its too bad they did not know how to market this product There are so many different apps out there as there are uses who will disagree with your statement It's unbeatable to you and others but not everyone out there - it all depends on what you need and how you use your task manager There is Ticktick which has an interesting UI and calendar Tooledo Cloze Facile thin
  6. The color feature is a great idea but there are two problems 1. there are not enough color options if you want a particular color for a particular category or type 2. the colors are way to light some even if you bold them - the colors need to be notice able and in order to do that you need to put a darker background using white with words are light etc is not a good practice they say gray back grounds for web etc are best you need to think of color combos in order for some things to work - at this point the color option is useless for me
  7. The other problem is when you put stuff between your numbered list and then want to assign a number evernote starts over at 1 it does not start at the number you left off would not be so bad if they had a way to tell it what number to start at. This has been this way for a long time so this must be intended that evernote is not quite the note taking machine they try to sell it as
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