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Website Breach Warning

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Hi.  There's no sign that the website has been "breached" and that warning has no incident date or number of records attached.  I'd suggest you ask Surfshark for more information - they should have some system logs that will explain more.

In case you are concerned about your data - What to do if you suspect unauthorized access to your Evernote account

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Oh, great alert 🚨 !

Incident date - 
(meaning there was no incident)

Exposed accounts 0
(which again means no incident)

The red flag probably tells you just successfully hacked access to your own account.

Congratulations - you made my day 🎊😜🎆🎉🎇

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14 hours ago, BabyGiant said:

I would like a response as to what is triggering this. 

1) This forum is user to user. (It looks like you are expecting a response from Evernote directly.)

2) If you are a paying subscriber, then you can submit a ticket to support and ask them.

3) Is SurfShark even reputable in this area? I've never heard of it before, but this isn't a good look for them.

People have had their individual Evernote accounts hacked because they re-use their Evernote password on other sites that get hacked. Don't re-use passwords and use 2FA.

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It looks like a SurfShark Alert message.

Surfshark Alert warns if the credentials entered by a user were found in a breach on the internet. To me this sounds as if a user paid 92.02 up front (This is NOT my invention, it says so on the SurfShark Website) to get the same he could get for free from https://haveibeenpwned.com .

It does not mean a website (like Evernote.com), has a problem, it means that this specific user has a problem. The login data he uses for his EN account is already circulating in the dark net If he has no 2FA enabled, it is just a matter of time until his account will be visited. 

If I were this user, I would be concerned - and probably change my login mail address  and password. For any other EN user, the warning means nothing.

Remark: I love panic attacks by people who buy expensive security, but don’t even understand what they are paying for.

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