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What is the right way to back up Evernote data?

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Given that we are now apparently limited to selecting 50 notes at a time, and .ENEX files don't include the Notes hierarchy (right?), what is the best way to locally back up Evernote database information capturing as much of the info as possible?


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3 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

You can select an entire notebook and create an ENEX file, independent from its note count.

aha, thanks. That's helpful; but I have a lot of notebooks and I don't want to have to do it manually each time. Is there no easy way to back up the whole database exactly as it is? Maybe copy the local file somewhere (where does Endnote store the database, anyway?)

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There is no method in Evernote to automate the process. There are a number of third party Github products that will automate the process. 

I use evernote-backup but would note that the primary backup will be the cloud copy.

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hmm I understand that the cloud copy is a primary backup, but I worry about the possibility that it gets screwed up and those changes propagate down to my local copy the moment I run Endnote app.


As for the evernote-backup, I found it, but am not sure I understand how it works. Does it do any writes to the actual Evernote database or does it create a copy in another form (read-only)?


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Evernote-backup does two things. First off all it creates a local database. I run it every Sunday and the local database is updated to match the online copy. You can then, as required run it to create the notebook ENEX files. These ENEX files are created from the locally backed up database. So nothing affects the master copy. It is a simple backup which you can then import. 

But I note again, the cloud copy is your safest backup. 

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