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  1. thanks! I looked in Trash, it's not there (but the trash has tons of old stuff in it, so hasn't been emptied). re. your script, that's a great idea! I could export as .ENEX now, and compare it to the old one and see what else is missing. Does this script exist already or are you making it?
  2. I have about 700 notes. The other day I was looking for a note and it wasn't there - searched for keywords I know were in it, and found nothing. Luckily, I have a .enex file that I exported a few months ago, of my entire Endnote library. I did a text editor search through that enormous file and found my note. So I know it was there, and I certainly didn't delete it on purpose. What I'd like to know is, 1) is there any way to find out *what else* might be missing - if that one note is gone, there may be others - is there any way to check the current library against the .enex file and see any differences - especially, notes that are in the file but not in the current library? 2) is there any notion of history that I might see (in the on-line access for example) to ask what happened to that one note?
  3. > if you're unable to use the client software, use the web platform. understood, as disappointing as it is. My question is: if I continue to use this version, do I risk corrupting the database (since we've agreed that deleted content does in fact go up to the server)? And, is there any way to know whether this has already happened since I've been using this version?
  4. > its actually the opposite. Data updates on the client side get sync'd to the servers and all our devices. maybe I'm confused, but that's what I thought I said: data updates from client up to server and then back down to all devices, right? so, if a client deletes data from a note, this could indeed affect the whole database because the bad version of the note would get sync'd up to the server, right?
  5. > The master version of your software is stored on the Evernote server, and can be accessed with any web browser. do you mean the master version of the database? > This is not impacted by the bugs and issues we encounter in the client software on the various platforms. aha, so a client copy of Endnote cannot do anything to delete content from a note and then sync it up to the server, replacing a note on the master and thus losing data permanently? > I have personal backups and Evernote has a Note History backup I've exported all my notes to a local backup, but where is this Note History backup?
  6. I've been using Evernote on my laptop for several years, updating as the updates come in. I'm running OS X 10.9.5. Today I came across: where it says that "there is a significant data loss bug that started in that version and was resolved in one of the 6.9 updates." Does this mean that if I continue to use this version it might mess up my database?? How do I know that it hasn't already lost data, since I've been using this for a long time? And apparently the new version won't work with 10.9 - does this mean I have to upgrade my OS to avoid risk of data loss? I can't upgrade for a number of reasons, is there no fix to 6.8?
  7. On this page the last post said "Downloaded 7.17 onto my iPad, put it into airplane mode, everything is working fine now. All notes available offline." but apparently not...
  8. yeah makes sense, but I have > 600 notes with all kinds of attachments, I'd hate to have to do it to each one manually.
  9. hmmm. I have already done that, and chosen "Download all notes", and yet last week when traveling, it told me it couldn't download an attachment inside one of my notes. How do I debug this?
  10. I have Evernote on my iPhone. I need, before I travel (and thus have no wifi for some time), to make sure everything is locally downloaded. I want my info available even when there is no network. I've got plenty of room on the iPhone and want every note, and every attachment to be available locally so that I don't get "lack of connection" errors when trying to see my data. I tried it, and it doesn't seem to work - even if I sync while wifi is available and it looks like everything synchronized, inevitably when there's no wifi I find out that some attachment isn't downloaded. How do I tell it to download absolutely everything - notes, attachments, etc. locally to my device?
  11. That's what I thought. But it looks like it didn't show up on other machines' Evernote clients (didn't sync up to the server?) until I opened Evernote on the same computer. Is it possible that clicking "Save to Evernote" doesn't get it up to the server but only somehow to the local Evernote, and it doesn't get pushed out to everyone until you run the local Evernote and let it sync?
  12. This morning, on one computer, I typed a bunch of stuff into "Evernote Helper" (the little elephant icon on my Menubar). On another machine, I open Evernote, and I'm not seeing that text - where does it go?
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