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Work Chat could be a very useful tool for businesses using Evernote Teams. Evernote does not seem to promote this feature, but when showing Evernote to another business owner yesterday they focused in on Work Chat. For some reason, Work Chat does not work as well as it once did and that is unfortunate. To attract businesses to sign up for Teams as opposed to the other options in the market, offering solid collaboration features is essential. Most business owners/leaders prefer to gain most use from the least number of software apps they use and pay for.  Presentation mode is another collaboration feature that was removed apparently due to lack of use, however if more people in businesses were aware of this feature I think the decision would have been different.

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Personally I agree WorkChat has somewhat degraded. What I am missing most is the notification about new shared content - this used to show up there, but was removed. Maybe it cluttered up the chat too much when a lot was shared.

A company needs to define what it expects from a chat tool. For a business using Teams for all employees EN WorkChat may be an option. All others including those that use Teams only for a part of the work force another tool rolled out company wide is probably the better option. And this reduces the applicability of EN Work Chat - it obviously is (at least up to now) not in the focus of the new EN strategy.

Presentation mode was killed by the small user base - we had in the forum only a few posts, from users who had discovered it and are missing it now. In my opinion it was another approach, build around the time when tools like Prezi started to dig into the PowerPont stronghold. But yet another tool does not make it a viable part of a business model.

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Is Work Chat back?
we downgraded to Evernote Legacy 7.14.1 (wich is causing issues with Web Clipper as this wants to update separately to Evernote App) when work chat was seemingly removed in an 'update version' of Evernote some time ago. I chatted with support about it at the time and they suggested downloading Evernote Legacy, but if Work Chat is back i'm happy to 'upgrade' again. I can't seem to find a direct statement suggesting this and a search brought me here as the most recent mention of Work Chat. 



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@Jono James Just check that Work Chat is enabled in your account settings.  I disabled it since I never found it useful and there were suggestions early on that mobile apps were a tad speedier if Work Char was disabled.  That was some time ago.  But if you cannot see Work Chat then be sure it is actually enabled.

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23 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

Work Chat is in the new clients since the beginning.

What was permanently removed from Work Chat are the Sharing informations. For them there is a separate tab with all „Shared with me“ items.

Thank you this rings some bells, I do now recall an issue with been able to share notes to other users on work chat, but I think it was more that work chat seemed to be gone completely. Are you saying though that work chat is still around but sharing notes (informations) is done separately? 

What agsteel says too may have been an issue, i.e. disabled but unless that happened with an upgrade and support didn't realise this at the time then I don't think so. We used work chat exclusively initially, later moved on to Slack. 

Went and found the support transcript from Aug 2021:

you  12:12:10 pm
I cannot share a note to work chat, not in Mac App or Web version of Evernote. Both the SHARE button and the VIEW PERMISSIONS button give me the same window, i.e. Shareable link and who currently has access.
...lots of back and forth and screenshots later....
almer leandro  12:31:28 pm
To inform you, this feature is currently unavailable on our end, and I can see how beneficial it is to be added on the new app to avoid experiences such as this. This is one of a handful of features we are still considering. I will take this up with our product team.
almer leandro  12:31:42 pm
I think it was removed from the New Evernote.
almer leandro  12:31:57 pm
If you want, I can offer you the Legacy version of the app so that you can use the Workchat.
almer leandro  12:32:14 pm
While we encourage everyone to give the new Evernote app a try, we recognize that there are some scenarios where using an older version is necessary or desired. You can download the Evernote Legacy app by following the instructions in this Help & Learning article: [Install an older version of Evernote](<url>). If you run into any trouble, I'd be happy to help troubleshoot with you so you can get back to being productive with Evernote.
you  12:33:55 pm
Oh gosh, that's very interesting, So collaboration has been broken effectively, A note being shared isn't readily identifiable by the person being shared with. How would they know?
you  12:34:36 pm
I can't even casually chat as there's no way to start a new conversation
almer leandro  12:35:32 pm
Actually, I've tried it on my end as well.
almer leandro  12:35:38 pm
I think it's an old feature.
you  12:35:47 pm
But the shell is still there
almer leandro  12:35:50 pm
It's not working on my end as well.
you  12:36:09 pm
and the buttons
almer leandro  12:36:15 pm
I think our development team is currently working on it. Hopefully, they'll add it soon.
almer leandro  12:36:32 pm
I mean they can make it work again.
you  12:37:19 pm
Yeah Or remove any sign of it and provide a different option.
almer leandro  12:37:28 pm
almer leandro  12:37:41 pm
For now, I suggest you might want to use the Legacy version of the app.
you  12:38:34 pm
I've downloaded it, will do so, Thank you Almer
you  12:38:42 pm
Cheers from South Africa

Sorry. maybe my initial post should have included all this.
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EN had a lot of new support staff hired at that time - maybe it was just by chance you got the wrong answer.

When enabled in account settings ("Enable next generation WorkChat"), it was available from day 1 of the new version:

It is found below the "Tags" tab in the side panel. First the "Shared with me" section (this used to be integrated into work chat), then the new work chat.


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On 1/12/2023 at 4:12 PM, PinkElephant said:

(this used to be integrated into work chat)

Yup, that's it. That's what we wanted. Chatting about a subject and boom here's the note I'm talking about all in the same chat. Now it's in "Shared with Me"

I pulled the latest version down now to test, and yeah this is still why we went back to Legacy. If I share from Latest version to legacy that person get's it in their "work chat". If they share with me it goes to "Shared with Me" is having it go to the chat function not an option anymore? 

Being "shared with me" doesn't let me know it's been shared. Work chat at least would show a new message for me. If I don't go look in "Share with Me" I wouldn't know. 
Is there a way to create this notification? I don't mean via email. Using Email for Notifications and Slack now for chatting.... Evernote used to contain all that in a better functionality imo. 

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The only notification switch I know is the one in account settings, personal information.

We had discussed the separation of sharing and chatting in the forum, way back. The thread didn’t draw a crowd - seems to be of little relevance for most users.

You can however contact support, or send feedback.

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I won't go through support or send feedback at  this point. Thank you for replying in each case. In updating to the latest release and looking at the Legacy versions Work Chat history it's not something we were using a lot. We've incorporated Slack and I'll just reintegrate Evernote App in to Slack again (all being on latest release) after all it is "A match made in productivity heaven. Post notes in Slack channels. Save conversations to Evernote." :P 

If needed one can just copy note link and share via Work Chat I suppose.


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That's probably the most reasonable thing to do.

WorkChat was added when there was a hype around chat apps, some with stellar stock market rises. But as we experience it with many platform based approaches, the "next" chat app will not be accepted, because nobody wants to have several apps running for this one purpose. And who wants a chat app will probably not want to buy into all other EN properties as well.

So as an add-on between EN users a nice touch, but no "killer feature".

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