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Hello! I am a paid Personal Evernote user for more than 5 years. A couple days ago while trying to use Evernote I was given a message that I need to upgrade to a paid account. It will only allow me to access all my information if I pay for an upgrade. Checking my records, I just recently paid my $79.99 annual fee, so obviously I do not want to pay again. I do not know how to access any customer service help. Does anyone know how to help me?  

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Hi.  Sounds like your payment failed,  maybe due to an out-of-date card?  If you pay iTunes,  contact them to check.  If you pay Evernote direct you can still use the Support link - just use 'guest' as the connection type...

You could also check your account payment details online - https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action

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On 9/13/2022 at 9:07 PM, Corey Widmer said:

It will only allow me to access all my information if I pay for an upgrade.

Weird, even as a free user, you may access all your notes. Where was this message coming from (fishing...)

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Access to support not working ? OK, here you get full metal jacket - some of these will work. When EN falsely runs your account as Free, stick to the ticket types Account or Payment&Billing. These are available for all account types:

Evernote Support Ticket:
Support as guest:
Evernote at Twitter:
Login-Problem to Support:
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