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Anyone else tired of the upgrade offers?

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I think this is the 4th "offer/sales tap/ad" I've received letting me know that I can save 25% on Professional.  One of them was in the top of my Notes list last week.  This pop-up had to be closed before I could do anything else in the app.

Some folks on Reddit think I'm overreacting, but isn't this kind of ridiculous?
I mean just imagine you're giving a presentation for high level executives and Powerpoint butts in to let you know you could save 15% by upgrading to Office 365 Plus Premium or something.


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1 hour ago, agsteele said:

There have been a number of threads on this issue. If you search around you will see the suggestions that have been offered as to how you might resolve this issue.

Ok.  I glanced through the most recent posts in General Discussion and didn't see anything.  This has only happened within the past 3 weeks.  I'll perform a full search.  Thanks!

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