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SMS to Evernote



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9 hours ago, mcarrara said:

I don;t know if is is even possible, but it would be nice to send, copy or somehow get a SMS message into Evernote.

I think you would need to work through an SMS to Email gateway and have the Email delivery address point to an Evernote Email delivery address (paying users only).

Or... There are a few SMS apps which have the ability to Share content with other apps.  So you might be able to find an SMS app where you could share to your Evernote account.

@PinkElephant has suggested copying and pasting.

I suspect, though, that all these approaches would cause the SMS to arrive in Evernote without the original sender information.

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If you want it all, and searchable, just take a screenshot. As a picture with text EN will OCR it, and the sender is visible.

From iMessage it is possible to send an SMS to a mail address (EN upload, this means). But is is the same as text copied, ,without the sender of the SMS.

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