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  1. As of summer Google Photos are no longer available in Drive. So the question remains how to get an image from Google Photos to Evernote? The work around that works on a laptop is download from Google then attach to evernote. I don't think that is feasible on a phone, not very good for a Chromebook (my device of choice). Mark
  2. So many thoughtful replies, let me clarify my post. We can argue is ads for items in the trunk or marketplace or whatever is ad supported or not. To me it is. There is a box that shows marketing content, to me that is ad supported. If the decision was announced in April, I never heard it. The first I heard of it was when I got a notice that the email I sent was over the limit. I know I never got an email from Evernote telling me of the change. I was an evangelist, I did love Evernote. This was not the first bump. I have been using it for five years, I have lived through crappy spell check, UI changes and other changes I didn't like and screwed up my work flow. This was not the first bump, but the straw that broke the camels back. Will I continue to use Evernote? Of course. Will I upgrade? There is a better than 50-50 chance I will. I have been trying to use Evernote without the email feature for two weeks. Can I get my work done? Yes. Am I less efficient? Yes. Is there an alternative to Evernote? I don't use Microsoft if I can avoid it, Google already has too much of my life, so no I don't think there is an alternative. Am I happy about the way this was handled? No, not one bit. In the end this is just my opinion. We all make dozens of choices everyday. We have to select our priorities, evaluate pros and cons and maybe listen to others. Is my opinion of Evernote correct? To me yes, to others no. I can live with that. Mark
  3. I have been a user and an evangelist for Evernote for many years. I have presented at educational conferences in Wisconsin and New Mexico, extolling the virtues of Evernote. I have made presentations to staff and students in the districts I have worked in letting everyone know that Evernote was a great resource and ad supported so there was no cost. Then without warning, BOOM! I get an email saying that the key feature of Evernote, emailing to a note was gone. While you have the legal right to do whatever you want, and modern businesses take advantage of legaleze, the way you made the changes was very poor. I would have liked some warning, say 30 days. An email saying something like: this great feature you are using is going away soon, you may want to consider upgrading. That’s the way to treat customers. Not, fool pay up now or stop working. Being held hostage is not conducive to good customer relationships. I have yet to upgrade, not because I don’t see value, but because I don’t trust a company that mistreats its customers. Once lost, trust is hard to regain. I may eventually upgrade, but I know I will no longer rave about Evernote, I will no longer present at conferences on Evernote and I will caution anyone who asks me. So I guess if your purpose was to alienate customers you did a good job. Mark Mark Carrara IT Director Amy Biehl High School
  4. Here is the link to the older question: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/50097-keyboard-shortcut-to-set-focus-on-list/?locale=en Same basic question. How to move the focus from the note back to the list.
  5. Am I missing something or am I just the last person who still uses a keyboard? What I am trying to do is go through a long list of new notes, tag them and put them into notbooks. I start at the top of the notes list and can use the arrow keys to move up and down the list, when I get to the note I want to work on I press enter. I use keyboard shortcuts to add tages then what? How do I get back to the list? I found a post with this question two years ago is there still not solution? In a similar vein, EVERY other program I have used, not just Windows but even back on an ASA400 useds the tab key to move between fields. But for some odd, very odd reason when adding a new note after entering a title, tab moves you to tree view, then tab again goes to the notes list. If I could tab out of a note that would solve my first issue, but alas that does not work. No to move from title to test field you have to use enter. After thirty years of tab, I just can't change the muscle memory for one program, no matter how useful. SO I have to use the mouse.
  6. In the '60's we said don't trust anyone over thirty. Tech companys now say don't hire anyone over thirty. What you get is a UI designed for twenty something users by twenty something designers. Those of us who don't like the new design can start our own company I guess. I wish designers would remember that their designs need to be accessible, which means there must be enough contrast between things like test and background. I guess it could be worse, they could have gone dark like Photoshop.
  7. OK I waited a while. The new version is as slow as molasses. Click a new note and wait a few seconds. Click to add a title wait a few seconds. This is slow. Two other issues: 1. Why does the cursor default to the note field and not the title? Don't normal people type a title first and then a note? 2. Every other Windows program on the face of the earth and many web apps all use tab to move between fields. Not Evernote they use a return. Please explain why?
  8. Was there an update to Windows Evernote? Today All of my saved searches are changed. The todo:false critera was gone. It is still on my Android phone save searches.
  9. Maybe this is already available, if it is I would love to know how to find it. Can Evernote on Android access the raw GPS data? I would like to embed the UTM or Long.-Lat where I created a note. A city is not close enough. I want to be able to follow a trail and create a note at junction points or crossings with notes and the exact location.
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