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Update not working

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For the past several day when I start Evernote I get a dialog box that says there is a new version of Evernote.  It claims it will download and restart Evernote when it is done updating.

A thermometer bar runs for a bit and the box goes away.  Nothing else happens.  Likewise if I click 'OK' on the dialog box, it closes but nothing else happens.

It appears that Evernote is not being updated.

OS, Windows 11

Evernote Ver. 10.42.7-win-ddl-public (3561)
Editor: v154.0.18759
Service: v1.56.1
© 2019 - 2022 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved

Any ideas on what's going on.

Thank you.

Carmine Prestia

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Have you tried restarting the computer before doing the update? That might clear out some memory fog and let it run properly. And/or go to www.evernote.com and download the current version from there. If you do the latter, close down Evernote before installing: File menu, then Quit Evernote to be sure of quitting the program, not just closing the interface.

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  • Evernote Expert

The current release plus the Legacy release are available from the Evernote website. Mobile via the various app stores.

Older versions can sometimes be located from various repositories. Your favourite search engine should provide the answer you need.

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