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Does the in-app browser (EN mobile) do any tracking ?

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We had a discussion whether the in-app browser does any tracking. This is currently a hot discussion about the TikTok-app, that injects code into the websites when opened in the internal browser build into the app. The code allows the company to track every user interaction.

From my observation of web traffic the in-app browser in the EN app does NO tracking. Here is a website that checks for code injection by the app into websites when called on internal browsers. Anybody can use it to check himself:

It can be used with other apps as well that have an internal browser. Just open the browser and insert this URL. When it comes back with a green checkmark (and explanations), the app does not inject code. Checking on Apple is somewhat restricted, because Apple runs injected code in isolation. But as I said, there was no web traffic leading to tracking neither.

EN came out clean when I tried on my Apple devices - maybe somebody tries on Android as well.

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