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I created a note by copy/pasting from a web site to Evernote. The site included text and images. When I view the note on the Mac app, it looks fine, all the images are there. If I view the note in the web app, some of the images just show an icon that says "Untitled Attachment". But if I double click on the icon, the image opens correctly. Then I close that screen, and again, just an icon. On iOS, again some images are just icons, though not necessarily the same ones as with the web app. Again, tapping on the icon correctly opens the image, but it won't display inline.

Have others seen this? Is there some sort of work around?

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From the description I think the pictures have a format that is not common (like the infamous WEBP Google tries to promote). The Mac may be able to open it, the web client itself does not recognize it. When opening, the local resource kicks in and provides the necessary code.

This can be checked by exporting the picture and looking at the file extension and information on the Mac ( cmd-I ). EN will natively recognize GIF, JPEG and PNG.

Just my 5 ct …

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