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Freeze table row/column



There is absolutely no software that allows working with arbitrary data tables (not excel like spreadsheets) with the ability to freeze row/column.

Such a simple feature simply does not exist in the world - I have spend hours trying to find anything. Evernote could be the first to implement such a simple and required functionality...

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21 minutes ago, DTLow said:

If I need such features, I use a spreadsheet file (Apple Numbers)   
Evernote supports storing the file as a note attachment

 ...with arbitrary data tables (not excel like spreadsheets) with the ability...

Spreadsheet has a lot of restrictions since it is optimized for handling formulas and numbers, not arbitrary data, so it is not convenient to use them. To name some:

  1. Most of them have horizontal scroll restrictions (scroll by table column, not smooth scrolling). So if you add a lot of wide data like pictures / diagrams into the cell - scrolling becomes a pain.
  2. They handle some typed symbols (like equality symbol "=") as formula start, which is inconvenient for arbitrary typing.
  3. They handle the "enter" key inside a cell as a "complete" action, not a "new line", which is, again, not suitable for typing a formula / number, but data containing several lines. (hitting alt+enter instead of enter all the time is a bad user experience).
  4. And more

So, unfortunately, spreadsheets do not solve the problem. I've tried dozens of them and none of them is configurable enough to make it into table editing software.

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  • Evernote Expert

The question that needs to be answered is 'If there is no product anywhere that offers the function you describe then is there a profitable reason to provide it?'

I doubt that Evernote will be the place to get this but give your request via a support ticket. I may be mistaken.

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