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Evernote for Arch Linux

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On Ubuntu I always used Tusk, which worked fine.

Recently switched to Manjaro / Arch Linux, and Evernote is the one piece of software I can't get working outside a webbrowser is Evernote. The true value of evernote is that it works equally on all my devices.


I know Arch Linux is not on your formally supported list of platforms, but hopefully it would be low-hanging-fruit to bugfix the AUR build scripts and support a new platform.



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AFAIK the Linux beta is a private beta, invitation only. They have so and so many participants, so somebody must decide to leave before they allow the next one in. I assume they run a waiting list. 

The other clients are public beta, I think.

If you have further questions, ask support.

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I'm running the Linux Beta,  but you need to have a specific invitation email to give you access to the package.  I waited for a while before being invited,  so I'd guess they're limiting the number of accounts involved until they're completely sure this thing works correctly - having said which,  it's now indistinguishable from the Windows version for me. 

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