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  1. A common workflow hickup that I often encounter using Evernote is the following use case: As a user, I have an intresting thought which I wish to write down, so I open the desktop Evernote program. Column wise I see a list of notebooks, previews of my my most recent notes, and the read/editor panel is open to my most recent note. I hit command-N to create a new note. My most recent note is my "Work" notebook, and by default the new note is created in the "Work" notebook. This written thought is destined for the "Personal" notebook. My first action, before writing anything, is to select the notebook dropdown and move it to the "Personal" notebook (so I don't forget at the end). This process may take 15-30s seconds, causing a distraction to my train of thought. What happens currently is that the new note is moved to the "Personal" notebook, but the editor suddenly switches to the next "Work" note. Additionally, due to the new note not having any content, it doesn't show up in the "Recent Notes" on the leftmost column. I must then scan through my entire list of 75 nested notebooks to find the "Personal" notebook, click on it and open the "Personal" notebook. My new empty message is at the top of the list. It is only now that I can start to write down my inspired thought. An improved workflow would be that when I change the notebook of my new note, I remain editing my current note in the view/edit panel and instead my current notebook is switched to "Personal". This requires distinguishing between two use potential cases upon changing the notebook dropdown: - I am scanning through the notes in my current notebook, and simply want to move misfiled notes to other notebooks (dropdown should remain in current notebook) - I am editing a new note, and want to change the notebook whilst still editing the same note A possible implementation could test for one of the following conditions: - Note was last one created in current session and no other notes have been viewed since - Note was last one edited in current session and no other notes have been viewed since If so switch notebooks and keep editing current message, else move note and view next note in notebook
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