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BUG: Links Open Improperly



1. Evernote has an OVERLY OPTIMISTIC implementation. 
    There is a FEEDBACK link (takes you to a survey) but no BUG-REPORT or FEATURE SUGGESTION links in the app.
    There is no indication that information entered into a feedback survey ever goes anywhere, or any indication that 
    a user MUST go to the web to report a bug or suggest a feature.

2. Some LINKs open IMPROPERLY.
    This Home Depot link does not end in ".html". Instead of sending it to the browser, EN treats it like an internal link,
    and attempts to open it in EN, which does not work.

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Yes, if you wish to do more than give feedback then submit a support ticket: Support Ticket – Evernote Help & Learning

I attempted to debug the link but it seems to have been edited so Home Depot returns an Access Denied error when I paste it directly into my browser. Or perhaps Home Depot refuses visitors from the UK ;) Inevitably this will also fail from inside Evernote for me.  Can you provide a complete and working URL to test?

I went to a local website and found a similarly formatted link to yours: https://www.screwfix.com/p/easyfix-bzp-mixed-rivets-pack-900-pcs/3092k

This works just fine from inside Evernote as well as outside.

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1) There is a Support page in every mobile client. On desktop it takes you to the web, and there is a support link. It is sort of hidden, I agree it does not look as if feedback to support is invited.

2) That the link has a problem is AFAIK because it contains the word HOME. There is a known bug that any link with HOME inside takes you to the EN apps Home Page, not to the URL.

@agsteele Yes, it is a geoblocking issue. I get the same Access Denied from continental Europe. When I use my VPN to move virtually to the US, the link opens.


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