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Can't edit tags

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Hi there, I've been a long long time user and been on these forums for many years under my personal account.  But my work place now has evernote teams - so I am back checking it out for work under a new handle.

A problem I am having is I can't edit my tags.

I am using the latest desktop version for mac (10.36) but when I try to do anything to my tags, I get no context menu.  I can nest, rename or do anything.  No little row of dots "..." for me to select.   The tags are just there.  Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong.  

Basically the only way I can change a tag is to go to a note with the tag in it and delete it.   I get the same result when I am on the web version of evernote.

Any suggestions?


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OK I talked to evernote support.   Basically because I have a teams account, and I am not an admin for my workplace account, I can create tags but I can't edit them.

So essentially although Teams provides lots of nice functionality, tags are utterly useless in teams.   Not being able to edit them, rename then, nest them, delete them, makes them a non-feature.

It's hard to understand the logic of this.   In my free account I can do all these things.   

As a side note, I left EN a few months ago after years and years of usage because I was just tired of the product.  It's this kind of nonsense that reminds me why I left.  EN could be so great, but they always seem to trip up at the finish line and do something dumb.





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The logic is very simple: EN Teams is build for collaboration. This means that one employee should be able to search for information another employee has saved into the joint database. If everybody can create and administer his own tags and tag structure, it leads pretty fast into utter chaos. This means that when a search is performed, nobody can be sure the search result is complete.

This is why the tag structure in a Teams account is centralized. One person will build and maintain the tags everybody will use. It obviously depends on the use cases how these tags will be designed. Usually a Teams organization needs to invest some effort in developing exactly the tags they need for their use.

You can't compare it to an individual account, where only a single person will save and retrieve. If this fails, the user has to talk to himself.

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I have enough trouble keeping my own tags straight to agree completely - plus a few years ago I managed a workplace Wiki that had a couple of hundred contributors.  I gave them direct access - for about a week,  then quickly altered it so all additions and changes were subject to approval.  Conflicting opinions on spelling, categories and technical terms are an experience you really want to avoid if you can...

Having said which: every Teams account is (I believe) accompanied by a user's own personal account - could you use notes / copy notes / links / tables of content in your personal account to customise your access to the business data?

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No, the individual and the business accounts are completely separate entities. Plus in most companies it will violate data security rules to connect to any private data service.

If the Teams admin maybe is doing things differently, or not at all, the best way is to talk to each other. If the job was assigned to an IT geek, it is probably the wrong person anyhow.

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I get why it makes sense operationally.  But a better solution would be to have shared and non-shared tags.   As it stands, evernote teams is a very different product than pure evernote.   It's really just another form of google docs where you can have shared drives.   
I will be using the personal account though as my main account.  At my workplace, we're not super restrictive about what we use.



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