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Hello everyone, I use premium version on this app for several years and is very disappointed about it because  it is:

1. Very slow, both web and mobile versions take ages to load.
2. Very buggy, images not loading, constantly loosing changes and creating dozens of duplicate notes.


3. Has no option to disable useless auto-formatting like list creation, that makes me to push ctrl+z like 300 times a day
4. Has no way to save+apply styling. (text color/size/position). It can remember some styles for built-it headers, but only color and size and you have to do it again for each new note. Very limited functionality.

I have contacted support several times regarding mentioned issues, but they never answer with anything reasonable.

So based on this I want to switch for anything else. I have tried several apps already (google keep / microsoft one note / apple notes / nimblenotes) but all of them are even worse than evernote. Can someone recommend me anything? Thank you.

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Some remarks, based on what little real information you share:

1) Not my experience
Maybe a slow network ? The web clients speed is all about network speed, since the processing of user input happens on the server. And the server is FAST.

2) Not my experience
Can be related to a network issue, see 1). When checking the network, watch out for ping time, latency and packet loss, not only raw speed.

3) Take the standard formats as they are
You are only driving yourself crazy working against the system defaults - not the computer, not the EN client. Learn which actions are interpreted by the system as inherent formatting, and avoid them.

4) Explore the power of templates
All notes created from a template (or duplicated from a „master“ note) will show the same settings as applied to the template / master.

If all established note taking platforms (some you mentioned have many millions of users) don’t work for you, either your use cases are special, or your expectations are special. Maybe a standard application is just not the tool you should utilize.

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@fires3as0n I have come to the same conclusion as you: “they are all worse than Evernote” for my use.

One friend swears by Google Keep for his personal notes. He doesn’t use any folder or tag structure or formatting. Just search. He only uses OneNote for work—yuck.

Another friend uses Apple Notes for his personal notes. He has all Apple devices and it’s easy to share notes with his household. I don’t know what he uses for work notes.

Hopefully @Boot17’s link is useful to you. After trying many apps and reading many reviews, I still prefer Evernote.

As @PinkElephant said, we have to learn to use tools in the way they are designed. We are more flexible than them. Hopefully, anyway. ;)

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