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Evernote Web Client App - has the template option gone?

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Hi.  Always good to know what device and OS you're using,  and in the case of the web client - which browser. Plus exactly what steps lead you to the issue you're raising.  In this case though do you see "open gallery" when you start a new note?  Try that.

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Open the note you want to use as a template in the Web client. Hit the 3 dots top right. Choose „Save as a template“ from the drop down menu.

If the option is greyed out, there is a bug, even on the latest 10.35 release. To work around it, go to the note and apply a „header“ text style to any part of it - can even be a text snipped you add, and set as one of the 3 header text styles. You can reset it right away to standard text again, or erase it.

This little action will lift the greying, and makes saving the template operational.

BTW saving templates is a subscribers feature.

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