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Excel Spread sheets how do you open on your phone?

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I can import a Excel spread sheet to Evernote and open it from evernote on my computer but not on my phone. I tried loading a couple of apps to open it with but no luck. Can anyone help me with figure this out. I wanted to show my Doctors office how great this Evernote System is hoping they like it to and start using it. I So tried of doctor having different servers they use and keep up with so many passwords just to see records I thought sharing on something more like this would be better than have twenty to remember. It a blood pressure log sheet I need to show my doctor anyone have an answer to my problem. Still can't get anything to work. 

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Hi.  This is a public forum,  so emails are subject to spam;  please delete it (you'll have an edit option somewhere on the original post).  Evernote in itself can't open Excel sheets - it relies on the software being installed on the local device.  If you download the note attachment to your device you should then be able to open it directly.

NB Evernote won't be suitable for doctors - the medical profession requires a lot more security for patient details.

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