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  1. The update to 10.4 fixed it. BUT!... that version also introduced a whole buncha ***** stuff that I'm hatin' and can't wait for them to fix. So... yeah.. it's fixed... but.
  2. I'm getting "Failed to Save Note" message ...On one particular note ...using my phone (no error on mac desktop) I don't have issues updating other notes on my phone (Pixel 2). If I update on Mac, it updates/syncs to my phone properly. This error was not noticed a few hours ago when I had to save some critical information. Now, I need it and it's not in the note, and I've forgotten the details. UGH! TIA
  3. Well... I posted that after not being able to make any edits. "Document locked" It was the first card I scanned. But then the more cards I scanned, I noticed that SOME came in with editable fields. Weird. So, now after some testing, about 1/3 of the time, I get the "Doc Locked" and the rest of the time I get an editable page. . Thoughts?
  4. Sooooo... Looks like this is STILL an issue? Sheesh!
  5. Okay.. this is really weird. It's impossible to DOUBLE-click open an attachment... because on the FIRST click the note scrolls to the top. This happens ONLY WHEN the cursor is in the note. If it is the first time I'm clicking on anything in the note, it functions normally. But once the cursor is in the note, it scrolls to the top on the first click of any attachment. Something else I just noticed, when it does work (the first time clicking in/on the note) after the second click and the attachment opens, the note scrolls to the top. The only way I'm able to open attachments now is to rt--click | open I've restarted my computer. Version 6.10 (454267 Direct) Mac desktop TIA
  6. Ticket# 1173855 - Choosing note thumbnail OMG! Why can't I SELECT the image for the note's thumbnail. Pleeeeeeeeeze. How about a rt-click on the image and then on the menu "Make this the thumbnail" Please please please
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