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Rolling Back Whole Evernote Account

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Hi all, I messed up big time. For some reason, at some time in the past few months, I messed up all my notebook structure. 

Now I would like to go back in time, like a restore to a previous time not only version of notes but actually, which notebook the notes reside in. Is this possible at all?

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No, this is not possible using tools inside of EN.

It might be possible if you have an older backup, from the time to which you want to go back to use that.

To restore it can be more efficient to first add a tag to the notes you want to move, and do the moving later. Tagging a multiple selection is much faster than moving it. Going offline while you do it speeds it up more. 

For moving you could then use the legacy client - moving a selection of notes is one of the last few features where legacy has a practical speed advantage. Select by the tags applied, move the bunch.

Or think about less notebooks in general, and using more tags from now on.

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What @PinkElephant said - just as a side note Legacy is good for enabling you to create a local and complete backup copy of your note database,  which comes in handy if you're getting to a 'hold my beer' moment when something major will be happening to your notes (or your computer) which could all end in tears.

I do have my own views on notebooks,  which I decided to celebrate in a bit more detail here... https://cliffeactual.postach.io/post/notebooks-vs-tags-and-more

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