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  1. Come on. A request was made 12 years ago, and Bending spoons will be ignoring this request for how long more ? Just any toggle list will be fine. Doesn't have to be like in Notion. We are OK even the one in OneNote where you just indent and the parent bullet point can be clickable and collapsible.
  2. What are you waiting to add this feature Evernote developers and product managers ?
  3. Not exactly what this post is about. We are talking about google assistant prompting evernote, so when we are driving or cannot touch our phone to open evernote create note go to voice memos, we would like to be able to get some notes written into Evernote. At the moment you can do this to Google Keep.
  4. his doesn't seem to be working anymore? I cannot use google assistant to take notes to Evernote. Anyone can achieve this?
  5. Hi all, I messed up big time. For some reason, at some time in the past few months, I messed up all my notebook structure. Now I would like to go back in time, like a restore to a previous time not only version of notes but actually, which notebook the notes reside in. Is this possible at all?
  6. In the tag view, when I add a new note - it creates somewhere else then I have to tag then I click to my tag again to navigate. If you are not going to add subnotebooks, just ad a new note button during tag view and create the note right then and there.
  7. I actually need some sort of field that I can add a quick summary about the article I am capturing and it can display in that list view as one of the columns. I guess that is not possible? I was hoping subject field would be that.
  8. There is a subject field in the columns but I cannot find anywhere to add information into subject field?
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