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Got a new phone (same number) and now can't log in to free account

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I unsynced the old phone and assumed I would still have access to my free account (two devices I believe). Due to troubles porting the account from old provider to new, I may have taken the old phone off the list a couple of times (still the same device though, I thought). But now Evernote won't let me log into the new phone or the desktop account, says I have already unsynced twice this month. Does this mean I have to wait until March 1, or an entire month from yesterday? I wouldn't mind paying the fee except I don't love that I'm being forced to pay it through no error of my own. Normally the free version is plenty for me, just the computer and phone. Thanks for any ideas! Linda

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On 2/16/2022 at 8:02 PM, Linda Houser said:

I don't love that I'm being forced to pay it through no error of my own.

Doesn't seem like it's anything to do with Evernote either,  just part of the rules they apply to free accounts. 

Although your new phone had the same number,  it is a different device according to any computer system. The only brighter bit of your situation is that the lockdown (I think) is only to the 1st March

You could create another account temporarily and then move your temporary notes into your normal account when you get access back,  or try for an upgrade and see whether you can pay monthly to keep the costs down.  You'd only really need to pay for one month before you dropped the account back to Free... 

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Traveling at the moment, just got a large „to go“. It is the same price than a one month Personal subscription.

If you need access, buy it. If you can wait, wait. EN has not caused the additional unsyncs, so I don’t think it is a case for support. 

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Hi Linda,

I hope you've gotten your question resolved at this point.

From my understanding, you probably will need to wait until March or upgrade for instant access; it's just how their policies for free accounts work; there is a limit for not only how many devices you can use - and unsync - for free.

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P.S. Forgot to mention at the time, but the real answer appears to be that signing in on desktop makes the "revoke device" deal go through better. When I did that on the phone, Evernote continued to think it was two separate devices.

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