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Notes doesn't look (spinning green circle forever) after latest update 10.30.6 on Windows 10

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Hi all, I had the option to update to the newest Evernote version via the pop-up suggestion a few days ago.

Since then, I haven't been able to use my Evernote on the desktop client (Windows 10; EN Version is 10.30.6).


If I click on a notebook, I am stuck at "Loading notebook" forever.

If I click on a note, I am stuck at the green spinning circle forever.

I tried to kill the app via Task Manager and restart the app, but the same thing happens.

I tried to uninstall/reinstall EN but to no avail, but the same thing happens.

I tried to click sign out, but that button is unresponsive. This is *****.

Interesting observation

However, if I update my notes via Web -- I can see the newest notes being listed.

I am just unable to click, or continue working on them via the desktop client.



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  • Evernote Expert

This is sometimes a symptom of a glitch in the data. Try rebuilding your data. Since you can't log in, uninstall the app using an uninstaller such as Revo Uninstall.

Otherwise, uninstall and then ensure the data directory is deleted before you reinstall. The directory is %AppData%\Evernote

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The forum is user2user. We are not staff …

We share our experience of what may work to solve a problem. As I see it this are your options:

  1. Take the advise offered, and hopefully get a working client back
  2. Contact support, in this case most likely to get the same advise we would have given as well (this is not true with all problems, but this one looks familiar)
  3. Watch a screen with an ever spinning loading circle, and wait for anybody to show up who solves it (chances are dim, but wonders happen)

Which option you choose is entirely up to you.

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