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It is vital for me to be able to have the "Home Screen" the default opening screen for my windows Evernote App.

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I've asked for this numerous times. It's really important and I believe it would be for most users.  I don't want my app to open on the last screen I used whether it's a searched for note or some other random note. Other people can see my computer and I often open notes that I prefer not to share with co-workers. It can't be that hard to give us an option to choose the start-up screen. And, for me it is vital that the app starts on the home screen. I have been a paid user from the first year the app was made available. Please help or at least respond so I know you are getting these messages. Thanks. William Greenblatt billg414@gmail.com

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42 minutes ago, billg414 said:

Please help or at least respond so I know you are getting these messages.

Hi.  The Forums are not the place to open a conversation with Evernote - if for no other reason than they're a public message board and email addresses (forinstance) can be seen and copied by anyone.  As a subscriber you can contact Support,  though I doubt they'll be able to help - there was considerable user pressure to have Evernote open to its last position,  while you prefer the opposite.  In the absence of an optional preference one way or the other,  you could ensure that Evernote always shows the home screen on closure,  so that it reopens on that setting - or perhaps leave the app on standby so that it never opens automatically,  but will always show the last note you saw - which would be a matter of choice for you.

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Thanks. Gazumped. I've tried support and direct emails and all I get is "we'll look into." I understand some people prefer to open on where they left off. That's fine. I just think there needs to be an option to open on a specific screen the user chooses - just as any browser can open on a home page or the last open screen. It shouldn't be that difficult to engineer. Thanks for responding.

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I saw a recent email from EN saying that Hone is a place to simplify and improve productivity.

I like the idea of it, but actually, using Legacy looking for some old stuff today it felt much more productive to NOT have Home. 

I would support this feature request. The widgets are not helpful.

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It is more a function of the OS than of the app how the start screen is looking: On mobile there is no memory of the last open view - it starts with Home, and that is it. How useful home is for yourself depends on the widgets you select, and the available integrations. The more you use features like Tasks and calendar integration, the more uses you have for Home.

On desktops the OS supports to remember where a user has been when an app was closed the last time. To get Home at the beginning one just needs to finish on Home. This is one click in the side panel. If it was forgotten, it is one click as well to get there. Both is not really an effort.

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