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Is there a way to change an existing note to a task?

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Thanks for your prompt reply...not sure why I never noticed the blue + sign before.

So, i see how i can change a line item in the note to a task, but not the entire note itself. I like the concept of a task on my task list with explanatory notes. Am I thinking about it wrong?

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A note is a container for many things. Tasks are just one option. You can have a single task in a note, or many. You can combine a task with a checklist, or have all documents to do something, and then add a task to make this actionable. With the advanced subscriptions, you can assign tasks to different people, to drive collaboration.

The note is always the leading entity - this is different to task managers where tasks are the main entities. Once you make this mental switch, the concept becomes quite convincing for many (well) Tasks.

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