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Missing reminder sorting

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System: Android Evernote 10

Bug 1: saved searched with reminders is not sorted by reminder date.

Bug 2: there's no button to change reminder from the list view

It all worked in version 8.13 and previous version FOR YEARS.

PS. New Evernote 10 looks alike a marketing campaign, not a tool! Pretty, but useful features are lost!

How can I install Evernote 8.x from the store?

(Same with Windows app :( )

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  • Evernote Expert

It isn't possible to install the v8 apk from the Play Store other than on older devices.

If you search these forums you'll find a number of threads detailing the means to obtain the v8 apk from services such as apkmirror.

Be warned, however, that there is some indication that the older version may not work with Android versions which have been updated recently.

If you have found functions that you feel would be worth including in version 10 then you can submit them via feedback in the app (but you will not get a formal response) or by opening a support ticket to receive support advice and response.

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  • Level 5

Wrong - Tasks are available for Free accounts as well. Some advanced functions are linked to certain subscription levels, but the basic Tasks function is on Free. It is enough to replace the typical personal todo managers even without subscribing.

For more complex use cases and for assigning tasks to others a subscription is required. 

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