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  1. Due to this bug I had to use version 6.21 for a year! And unfortunately it's not fix - it's better - but it's not fixed even in latest 6.25.1. Now it works ok if reminder is changed to a date that still falls inside search criteria, but if I change the note time so that it falls out of the criteria, the selection jumps somewhere inside the list and the list of reminders is not visible anymore (I have to scroll up). Repro steps: 1. Make a folder ABC 2. Create 10 notes with reminders for TODAY 3. Use a saved search or just simple search with criteria: notebook:ABC -reminderTime:day+1 (to will display only notes with reminder dates sooner than tomorrow) 4. Select first note and change it's date to tomorrow. Expected: - I still see the list of reminders, one of the closest one is selected, and the altered note is gone Actual: - the note is gone, but a random note from the list is selected (not a reminder, but note is selected) so the view jumps to the bottom and I don't see reminders anymore Unfortunately I have to go back to version 6.21
  2. Step by step guide: https://stackoverflow.com/a/46913696/257470 (from second image). If this option is not available, then maybe you don't have Fall Creators update?
  3. OK, I think I can say that: THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED! (at least for now) It turned out that newest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (year 2017) introduced some malware prevention software called "Control flow guard" (CFG) . Once it's turned off, Evernote gets fast again! Instruction to turn this off: https://www.tenforums.com/performance-maintenance/96792-fall-creators-update-poor-performance-lagginess-fix.html After computer reboot it should be much faster.
  4. I'm the author of this post and 2 days ago I wanted to write, that the problem had fixed, BUT it's good that I waited a bit. What I did, after writing this post, was: - try to download newest windows updates (there were none); - update antivirus (Avast), and there were a huge update waiting. After rebooting the computer, Evernote has speed up! BUT is lasted only for one day Although it seems to be better then originally, the problem is still there. Yesterday I even deleted a wrong note, because I had switch the selection and hit delete, but it applied to the old note, not the newest selection
  5. My issue is that for a week now my Evernote Windows Client is extremely slow. Each action hangs it for couple of seconds (2..10 sec). It seems to be correlated with installation of windows' "Fall Creators Update". Symptoms: - EN takes whole CPU (100% of one core, 25% of whole 4 core processor) after each action. - Actions that trigger the high cpu usage: clicking on note, filtering, changing reminder date, scrolling list of reminders, scrolling list of notebooks - Scrolling list of reminders without a change of selected note also triggers high usage. - Even moving a cursor over a list of reminders results in a "reminder hover style" to lag behind the cursor - Clicking on a note triggers the problem and note content is shown after 2-10sec! - Writing to a note is usually normal, but sometimes it lags a great deal - Sync operation works normally as always (it isn't slow!) - It seems that just UI is slow; - The rest of operating system and other programs work OK, only Evernote is that slow - I'm using EN for many years and I've never had similar problems Info: - Windows 10 64 bit with Fall Creators Update - note count: 1000 (no big change here) - on Android client everything works OK as always - disk: SSHD (SSD hybrid) - It all started with current public version of EN (6.7.5) - 2 weeks ago Evernote was FAST. That I've tried: - installing Beta changes nothing ( Evernote_6.8.4.6134.exe ) - optimizing DB and other action from CTRL+HELP menu -> no change;; - deleting evernote DB folder and downloading everything again -> no change; - removing all notes from trash; - compatibility mode to "Windows 8" seems to get things worse;
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