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The title is part of the note, and if you change it the note needs to upload to the server to save the change. 1 byte, 100 or more is not relevant, if you already exceed the limit. Nothing evil about it, it just tries to do what you ask it to do, and fails to do it.

Don‘t split hair about it: You chose to go on subscription, you created large notes, you used whatever you thought appropriate while being subscribed, you decided to step back to Free. None of the rules and limits that apply here have changed while all this unfolded. Maybe you have not seen all the consequences when taking the next step, but that’s life, and what happens then is called „experience“.

So from my view as a fellow user, you should accept it as a consequence of your own action. Which seems harder to take than search for the fault (or mercy) anywhere else.

When another app serves you better, just move ahead. Forward ever, backwards never … 


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@kaijun912 Calm! You are free to rant but remember these forums are primarily user-to-user so we didn't do anything and can't fix anything for you.

It seems that you either didn't understand the limits on free accounts or believed that you wouldn't be affected by them. 

Nobody has been cruel or picked on you. The free account limits have just been applied as they are to all free users. You can either make your changes over a couple of months or pay for one month of Personal plan access and make all the changes now. Given your description I infer that you have a few very large notes which may automatically exceed the note size limit. If you pay for one month then take the opportunity to split large notes or remove large attachments. Put attachments into an external service and link to them rather than attaching them.

Then you have the chance to export your data and use a product which better meets your needs.


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4 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

Collecting some building blocks from the ruins of real existing socialism here, it seems 🏗️

getting up from the beds and turned towards breakfast ...


i never realised how funny it sounds in english :D

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