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I hope there are no plans to add such a feature …

OK, I need to explain: EN treats the note as an entity. Change something, and the whole note syncs.

Now have the note open in another session window. One window syncs a change - the other one is left behind. When the sync comes back from the server, it finds an unchanged version. Result:“We detected a sync conflict and created a duplicate to make sure …“

Oh no, not again !

This is why I think it is a bad idea to open the same note in 2 clients (or windows) at the same time, ever, no exception.

But very simple to get around this: Make a duplicate of the note, open each one in its own window. No sync conflict, happy working session all over. Just make sure to enter all changes in only one of the 2 notes, to avoid utter chaos. After you used the 2 note setup, you can delete the unchanged note.

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On 10/28/2021 at 7:40 AM, calogie said:


I often use Evernote on my desktop on a large screen. It would be great if I were able to view two parts of a note simultaneously by splitting the screen as per Word etc.

Any plans to introduce this feature?




While I understand @PinkElephant's reluctance to have the note open twice it does seem to work if you stick to one clent. Try the following

  • open the note in a new window 
  • maximise the original note in the client (expand note icon at top left)
  • put the two windows side by side
  • You can then scroll the two windows independently and edit them independently.

It takes a couple of seconds for updates in one to be reflected in the other so you do need to be careful.



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