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  1. I would close Evernote 10 by signing out from your account and remove your data. When you log basck in this issue should be resolved. Worked. Uncheck Save data on logout' in Preferences menu. Logged out/in. Got the spinning elephant and all matched.
  2. Why are there shared notes for those with one account? My notes show on the web and iOS but are "Shared with me" on the Mac app – only visible when searched. Made a new notebook on the Mac. Shows up fast on the browser. So they're talking. But the flow is always Mac 2 Web and not Web 2 Mac.
  3. Yes, the Mac desktop app doesn't sync well. I created notes and Notebooks eight hours ago. Came home and it's all updated in the browser. No updates in the Mac app. Latest version. How does one troubleshoot that?
  4. "They're tagged as completed, so easy to omit from lists." So every time you search or list you have to omit that tag? (tagging is a similar purpose to trashing ... removing it because it's done). "You have a default Task note that you can put tasks into “Things To Do”. You do not need to make each task it’s own note. If you create a task with the quick action while not in a note the task defaults into the single note. " Ok... that's fair ... I'll go that way. I *DO* want Evernote/Evertask to replace Things3... one capture tool. So I will make a Stack of tasks and each notebook a project.
  5. I use Things3 for tasks. I'd like to use Evernote instead so you folks finally (thanks!) implemented this new 'Evertask' feature which I am happy to pay $10 a month for *if it doesn't interrupt the workflow of Evernote*. But it does. You have these tasks being treated as notes but how many people want a task to be a note? Who needs notes that has a title of "Buy Milk" or "Get frequent divorce club card stamped" (one more for a freebie!) because they're headed for the Trash! Most notes are long-term notes. So why not give me that choice ... let me create a task that is just a task ... or let me create a task that is also a note. (I would never do the latter but just the same it clearly has its place.) And even let me convert them ... which of course Things3 does well and it certainly gets used.
  6. (1) There is no option to upgrade. (When you say 'rolled out' do you mean not everyone is automatically updated to the latest version on iOS?) ... I have 1115424. (2) "Submit a ticket." Wish I could. In Chrome https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action results in "You are logged out of Evernote." ... yes, ok, I'm logged out of Evernote. 'Contact support Easily get help by choosing one of the contact buttons underneath the search bar on the home page. " Well I guess I should log back in, right? I see "Help & Learning" goes to https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us Why don't I "LOG IN TO HELP & LEARNING"? "You are logged out of Evernote." Now what. I have never been able to submit a ticket. I posted in the forum a long time ago. No reply. "So what are 11 years of loyalty through the bad times worth to you?" If you are paying Evernote in part because you want to convey loyalty then I suggest discussing this thought with a trusted friend. Sports fan? Isn't it absolutely terrible when sports teams don't give free, best in the building, tickets to their more fervent fans who have devoted decades of dedication? Are you also mad that Evernote doesn't extend your subscription when you report a bug? ... Are you mad their not a non-profit?
  7. Where is the selection to upgrade on iOS. There is no "upgrade" in the Evernote iOS menu or in Account settings. 10.13.1 Also, in Billing History, says "Next Billing Date on Invalid" "Date for $NaN" (not a number).
  8. I have Premium. Every time I try to submit a report, any browser, I am logged out ... "You have logged out of Evernote." So I'm going to report it here. Synced notes don't show up in the Notes view unless I search for them. That is, I make notes on iOS, they sync to a Notebook (not inbox), but don't show in the (All) Notes view unless I edit it further or search for it.
  9. Please give me a way to include Trash in the search ... designate the result with a different color or an icon.
  10. So what you want is an option for a simplified home ... because what do you think the odds of them are for tossing away tens of thousands of recent development hours?
  11. The present problem is that notes ARE being synced quickly but then not showing in the Notes list until the client is relaunched OR the note is searched ... then it's added to the Notes list. Clicking Notes makes no difference. They should show up automatically (right?)
  12. 1) How about icons on the side instead? 2) Why the extra space on iOS?
  13. Make a new note and it's titled "Untitled Note". 99.99% of the time it's going to change so these two words must be selected. But on a phone when you double-tap it selects a word, not both words, which would be a triple-tap, which I think most people don't know. So why not just make it one word ... "Note". Is there really any confusion if it doesn't say "Untitled"? ... Didn't I just make it? ... Would someone ever title a bunch of notes as "Note" and then get confused and blame Evernote? No! ... ... and I think this new Evernote is just magnificent.
  14. Can't reproduce and this would seem to be a bug report, not a feature request.
  15. If I'm not editing then I must be wanting to search. So if there's no cursor blinking (I'm not editing) why not enter what I type in the search field? After I type the first character the Search box becomes active just as if I clicked it.
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