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  1. When I open Evernote, the application, and press F12 (Mac), I get the Chrome Dev Tools Inspector. What does this mean in regard to the Evernote app being in effect a web browser? ... does it mean something else?
  2. "As @Mike P posted, a Completed tag can be used." Yes, it can. But it can't tell me what's next, when's it due, sort ... etc... as project management software can. It seems an innocuous request ... export information about the note as a CSV ... title, dates, tags, etc.
  3. I have some notes containing long transcriptions and I regularly copy sections into other notes. But when I reopen the note the note returns to being displayed from the top. What I'd like is a bookmark, rather, a NoteMark, icon to which would reopen the note with the paragraph I was working on (the paragraph with the cursor) at the top of the editing window. (Otherwise the app would have to track which paragraphs are visible as the cursor could be anywhere.) And no ... there doesn't need to be multiple NoteMarks ... one is fine ... put me back to the place I was working.
  4. "Exporting as CSV" means providing a series of column headers and data contents separated by commas. Evernote notes do not typically have headers or ordered data contents" They do now ... but you still can't export all notes. If you option-click Notes you get options for New Note but not Export. Clicking anything in the sidebar that contains notes should give you the Export option. Evernote doesn't have to be Excel but it sure should make it easy to get note titles and related info out to Excel. How else can one track which notes have been addressed if they're tasks?
  5. Launch. Open a note. Choose Print Note (Note menu, Command-P) Home prints instead of note. But if you choose Print from the note (three dots in upper right), the note prints. 10.12.6-mac-ddl-public (2583) Editor: v122.1.15818 Service: v1.33.8
  6. Navigation doesn't have to be consistent ... ease of use is more important. On a phone can the line spacing be less? ... can I have a small/large choice? The red in image below is empty area. On the right the items are lined up and instead the notebook icon shows it's part of a stack. Now there's room to see more of the notebook title. Also the font weight and color match the bold font used for note titles.
  7. It's not a scratch pad. It's a post-it ... isn't that why the number of characters are limited?... why it's always displayed in home? ... it's a post-it for the Evernote home screen. 600 characters is about five sentences. Can't a 'quick thought' be more than five sentences? It usually is when I dictate a quick idea.
  8. I have a note titled "UPS Account #". But when I search "UPS Account Number" it finds nothing. I have a note titled "Ross Fiber Info". But when I search "Ross Fiber login" it finds nothing. Why must the search match exactly. Show the exact searches first and the inexact searches second. Evernote is for capturing an entire life of notes. It's too demanding to require exact searches. Perhaps in next versions you can also include synonyms in the results. "red car" should also show results with "red automobile" or "red vehicle". "cell number" should also show res
  9. When reviewing search results show the search item in the context of the note. See image.
  10. Thank you but what do you mean platform neutral?
  11. How does one make Evernote speak text? As such ... from TextEdit (Mac).
  12. " I would think text size is fundamental." You would think right. Evernote is a text capture tool. Not being able to change the default text size is like being forced to drive in "2" gear before you're able to switch to D.
  13. One of the most common actions I take is clicking All Notes. For example I make a new note, change its notebook, and it disappears. But I want to see it, as well as my other recent notes in other notebooks so I click All Notes. So what if there was a simple option to always show All Notes? See my image. At the top of my list I see the last 6 notes. Below it are listed the notes of the presently selected San Diego notebook. This would be controlled with a text-edit field or pop-down menu where you select the number of All Notes to show - zero being don't show it. There's
  14. I cannot reach support on the website. The Desktop is not lying. Legacy app. Good idea. All notes moved. On the V10 I selected all, 50 chosen, and then selected Move Note and it did not move it to the new Notebook but instead restored to Inbox where they never were to begin with.
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