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  1. As you have wildcards how about synonym searches? ... searching for ~car would also search auto, jeep, truck, pickup, etc.
  2. Evernote requires perfect spelling when searching. If I type the town of "Brooall" instead of "Broomall" why doesn't it display a list of "did you mean?" options?
  3. That's a good option. Instead I Copied Note Links. Then Exported the same selection as XML. Took it into BBedit (code editor) and grep/regexed the titles out of it.
  4. "I script this export using Applescript on my Mac." Would you please share it? (I am only requesting this for desktop version). Your suggestion is doesn't seem to work ... the note links only work from another EN note, not from outside EN.
  5. Feature Request: Export Note Links I have several "videos" notebook, each having a separate focus, and each with a few hundred notes. I want to organize these notes outside of Evernote so I can sort, add comments, track progress, etc. - nothing I am expecting EN to magically provide. Right now I can conveniently copy the note links but it would be far more useful if I could copy/export the Note Name, Note URL and Tags. So right now if I copy links from seven selected notes and paste into excel I get this. But what I really want is this ... the titles ... the ACTIVE links ... and the tags.
  6. It's incredible that time was spent on the cosmetic dark-mode instead of core features ... would anyone be dropping Evernote because they didn't implement dark mode? Right now I see that Spotlight isn't indexing Evernote... seems a kinda big deal.
  7. Yes, this is available on the desktop. It's needed on the phone ... how about "Paste Special" as a choice. ("Paste Special" is how Excel has always offered it ... an example of a long standing example.)
  8. If there is no need to move folders (one folder) what is the better solution? (If one knew which edits were in progress this step would never would've needed to be cobbled. Wouldn't it be nice to have an advanced search syntax to find out?)
  9. Here's how to find your Evernote attachments. • Open an attachment • Command-click the title to see the path of the file • Choose .evernote and you'll see the folder with the attachments. (Then I moved the external-edits folder to the Desktop, Quit Evernote (Ok to attachments message), relaunched, Quit, problem gone, put external-edits folder back into .evernote folder and all is well.)
  10. CalS ... your answer made me revisit my question and see I was not clear ... nor did I do my due diligence. I do NOT want to see a change to (asynchronous) search ... only to the situation where the Search is done and one wants to EDIT THE TAGS for a selected note. (see image). I've edited my original question but should the sysops wish to delete this thread as I got it wrong that's ok too and I'll make a new, correct one.
  11. Gotcha. On Mac. I don't see such a feature. Adding a new tag before deleting old ones is the ONLY option and exactly the complaint - why should anyone have to devise a special process for an otherwise ordinary task.
  12. When editing tags for selected notes wait until I click away to re-filter the search results. (Mac)
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